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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ho-Ho-Ho Garland Finished

You may remember my former posts, on Nov. 19 when I exhibit the results of drinking a mocha & visiting a shop of STUFF and begin making a banner or garland for the holidays. On Nov. 21, I posted a tutorial on how to make the fabric letters. Yesterday, the day after a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and conversation with our daughter and friends, we watched a university football game fraught with rivalry (the University of Oregon "Ducks", our family's team, versus the Oregon State University "Beavers", my sister's family's team). The incredible game kept us on the edge of our seats till the very end, when our team won in the final seconds, 36-35!!! What's this got to do with the garland?, you may ask. My dear husband set up a card table so I could finish its design and bring this fun project to completion so it could be hung on our front door before Christmas. I spread all the ingredients I'd collected on the table including scissors, wire cutters (for the canvas ribbon used as the base), thread, needles and pins.

 I love the result!
 Now when we open the front door, it's fun to hear the tinkle of the 4 green and red bells.
Bells, fake holly & berries, ribbons, and ornaments.

I found this cute Santa at a thrift store & gave him a new home.
If you make something like this, please share it. 
I enjoy seeing what others create!

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  1. Very cute! However, you forgot to mention "My sweet, very talented sister suggested I run it vertical instead of horizontal", but I'll let that go. BUT...BEAVERS SHOULD HAVE WON! We call it a "win" considering we almost beat you on your home field! We BEAVERS are infinitely smarter than you'se duks! :) ~Love, Sis