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Monday, November 18, 2013

Chick Bag Complete!

Ta Da!
I am happy to announce that I have finished the hens & chick fabrics handbag, & enjoyed using it yesterday, even though it "didn't match my outfit," LOL. I only needed to make and add the handles to finish the project from several months ago. Isn't that the way it goes sometimes? It's very roomy inside, keeps its shape thanks to thick interfacing, & has many pockets. I added pockets to the inside as well as to each side of the outside. Can never have too many organizing pockets & pouches! I want to be forthcoming in admitting to you all that it's the fabrics, featuring my favorite "pets" (who produce eggs & entertainment as a bonus), that inspired this handbag. 

Here's what my real chick, "Dickens", looked like as a hatch-ling:
Ain't she sweet?!
Seeing she and her brothers hatched by mother "Skitters" became a very special memory that we were able to record with a camcorder (we couldn't see them crack out of the egg, but we did get to marvel at their first few days of taking a peek at the world from under the warm feathers of their mother). We couldn't keep her noisy & aggressive but BEAUTIFUL brothers as they came into their own at 3 months, so she is special (and the original intent: more egg-laying hens). Speaking of "Running Hen", she is the inspiration for the title of my blog.


  1. It is SEW CUTE! Way to go, sis!

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    1. What would you like yours made out with? :)