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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"Works in Progress Wednesday"

Forest of Trees!

I find paper-piecing of quilt blocks intriguing. The detail in following the patterns can be aggravating since it's so easy to make a mistake: mis-positioning the piece of fabric, using a piece of fabric that ends up too small for the section, flipping the fabric to the wrong side, or....each error necessitating ripping it out or finding another piece of fabric. So why do I like doing it?, you may ask. I like a challenge, even if it gets me into trouble sometimes. I also appreciate the results.

I made these trees last year and have as yet to commit them to something. I'm thinking along the lines of placemats. With winter coming, and the holidays, trees seem appropriate for something.

Have you tried paper piecing? Do you like it? Share some of your "successes" with me (and all of us!). Thanks!

I'm getting some great suggestion on how to trim these trees. Thanks so much!

Top view of runner & quilting
Close up of quilting

   Holiday Twirl: Almost Done!

I thought "Holiday Twirl" table runner should have an encore, now that I've finished quilting it. I still need to do the binding, but I think it's cheerful, don't you?
Back view of runner & quilting

Gardening & Harvesting, the other interest

How about this morning's harvest as well? I planted the carrots in September so we'd have those sweet darlings to enjoy in the Fall.

Now it's time to check out fabric at the store since the local newspaper had a coupon for a shop I haven't been to yet. Maybe those paper-pieced trees will find some fabric to play with!


  1. I love paper piecing, and those trees look just wonderful, I would love them on some long pillow cases!

    1. Hi Nati! Thanks so much for stopping by & your suggestion on how to use those trees. I'm enjoying your blog, too.

  2. Those tree make a great forest. They would look great as place mats or maybe a table runner.

    1. Hi Cheryl, I appreciate your stopping by and sharing the suggestion for those trees. I've thought about a tablerunner, too. Hmmmm...

  3. WOW! Look at all of those! Way to go Sis!