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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Watercolor Quilt Class & Outdoor Quilting

Last week I took a local class taught by a local mother and daughter team: Making a Watercolor Quilt. Probably the hardest part is choosing colors that move from dark to light which is a good exercise for quilting in general:

The project starts with 2" squares cut from strips and scraps.

I tried laying out a background scene that might suggest: foreground, water, bushes, sky.
I stitched them together. Here they're displayed on a green pillow, but they are not part of that pillow. The piece is small, measuring 14" x 14". What will it become?

Now I must decide what I will put on top of this to make a true watercolor-type of scene. There isn't enough contrast because I didn't receive the supply list before the class which was frustrating. So I drove home and scrambled to select fabrics from my stash in less than 30 minutes! For that reason, I didn't have enough contrasting fabrics. Fortunately another participant shared some of her squares with me. 

All in all, the project is easy. I've been saving up 1.5" squares of scraps for several years and had considered making a "Postage Stamp" quilt top, but I might change that to a watercolor top. Such small squares will become even smaller in the process of stitching them together, so the gradations of color will be more subtle and require more of them, I think.

Quilting Outdoors

My previous post featured a wrestling match with a queen-size quilt on my domestic machine. I decided to pull the "monster" and machine outdoors to our backyard to create "ambiance", so here's my "room with a view" (and running hens who were napping in a flower bed nearby, hoping I'd offer them something to nibble):


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