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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It's "Works in Progress" Wednesday!

I've been working on my Red & White Picket Fence Table Runner for a couple of months, along with other projects I've posted previously (and many that haven't been finished or shared yet!). 
I love the spark, the zap, the zing of this design:
Here's the top...

...and here's the back.

There's only the hand-sewing of the binding left, and maybe a little more machine quilting around the borders. I bought a charm pack of reds and whites assembled and sold at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show this past summer. I think it was a wise investment, don't you? I added a few more fabrics on my own for the back and the binding.

Have you ever made a "picket fence" block? Want to learn how? 

Leave a comment so that when I finish editing my pattern, and perhaps actually publish/pdf it, I can notify you.
Happy Quilting, or Sewing, or Cutting, or Planning!
Most of all, dream, dream, dream!


  1. Your runner is lovely. Love all that red!

    1. Lindsey, thanks for stopping by. I loved your posts about your 4-Patch Slice, & the recipes by Ivy!

  2. Don't you love a red and white quilt? I do!
    That will be perfect to use over Christmas and straight through to Valentines day :)
    I'd like to see a picket fence tute :)

    1. Hi Kim, thanks for coming by. I agree with you, red & white would sparkle through the seasons. Thanks for the encouragement. I'll let you know when & if I'm successful in getting the tutorial finished.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Sabrina, thanks for stopping by. I returned the favor, & you're INCREDIBLE!