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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Working on "Periwinkles"

Using the "Mini Wacky Web" template I'd bought from Missouri Star Quilt Company a few months ago, I decided to try their "Mini Periwinkle" quilt pattern.

The "periwinkles" are a little fussy to make & waste a bit of fabric, but they are cute.
I'm using mini-charms (precut 2.5" squares)  for the stars or "periwinkles," and jelly roll strips for the background fabric. I don't remember the name of the fabric line I'm using, do you?

Happy quilting!
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Friday, March 13, 2015

Update: Gridlock Quilt

Aren't these going to be luscious?

Block "A" & Block "B"
Soon to come: Block "C" which will break it up.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Batik Project, and More

I know it's been quiet on my blog. I'm back and will try to keep up.

Here's what I'm up to:

 Labyrinth Quilt Top

Previously on February fifth's blog page, I showed you this quilt. Now it's even 'more done':
Noteworthy Labyrinth Quilt Pattern by Karin Vail for Moda BakeShop

 Outlined with white borders, two more borders to go!
I used Sakura Park fabrics from Moda.

New Batik Quilt Project

I bought a pattern from Cozy Quilts called Gridlock. I am using a batik jelly roll and cut out background strips to piece this together. Here's the pile:
Aren't they yummy??

"Gridlock" by Cozy Quilt Designs

I can't wait to put it together!

Hexi-fied Again!

When I'm relaxing in front of a program at home (wishing I could do it anywhere), I continue to work on those hexies (English Paper Piecing) from scraps.
Part of the pile

Fun with fussy cut scraps

Join a new social network for quilters!

Have you heard about If not, use my name and join today! Have fun looking it over.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hens, Chicks & Roosters Log Cabin

What's not to like about this subject matter? I continued working with my scraps from the previous post, creating more log cabin blocks. I've now run out of this fabric's particular motifs:

What to do with them...quilt for a bed? table-topper? apron? handbag? market bag? potholders? None of the blocks are the same size. I fussy-cut the motifs randomly rather than using a square template for each. What was I thinking?? They'll be an adventure to put together. Scrappy, scrappy.

I finished the bovine blocks from this same fabric:

You can see some sample lay-outs for them at this post: LOG CABIN COWS

Next up, pink pigs! They might demand pink and white, or pink and brown logs to surround them. What do you think?

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015



I found this quilt that I had begun 2 years ago in my closet when I was packing for the retreat, 3 days at the beautiful Oregon coast:
It didn't look like this when I pulled it out of the closet, of course. This is how much I was able to get done!! It's still missing a few strips of white between the rows, but that's easy to take care of.

Here's a look at the blocks from the Sakura Park line by Moda fabrics:

I downloaded this quilt pattern, Noteworthy Labyrinth, by Karin Vail from Moda BakeShop. 

As a special treat, to show you what beautiful weather we had in January, here are some shots of the Pacific Ocean:

All I can say is: WOW!


I'm working on the log cabin of hens, chicks, and roosters (one of my favorite themes!) from my friend's scraps of SO LONG AGO:

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015



A lovely holiday season with such good memories:

Market Bags made from my otherwise discarded rice bags


Concluding 2014...

These bags are too lovely to throw!
I participated in a Holiday Art Faire in another artist's home at the beginning of December and I made some money (so I can resupply!). I found customers and other artists at the Faire most interested in: 3-dimensional houses, market bags, holiday-themed coasters, wall decor, homemade ornaments, a prize-winning red and white tablerunner, and machine-embroidered hand towels.

After the Faire, I've continued English paper-piecing hexagons and other shapes (an easy activity to travel with and I find hand-sewing calming).

One of my current goals in the next few months is to bring some quilts to completion. I added another border to my heart quilt and would like to quilt it on a longarm machine if I can find one to use. I have at least 3 other quilts of various sizes to complete.

Log Cabin Cows

My neighbor, knowing that I like to quilt, offered me some of her fabric scraps a few years ago. Some are probably about 30 years old because they are obviously children's prints from years gone by. The motifs of a few of the fabrics inspired me to combine them. I fussy cut the farm animals, in this case, cows, featured in the center of the log cabin block (surrounding fabrics: red with tiny white dots, black with white "cow" spots), each one being a little wonky at 1.75"x 1.75" (more or less):

Log Cabin block with fussy-cut wonky cow centers measuring about 10" finished
When I put all the blocks together, I have fun combinations like these:

I've run out of the feature fabric in the center, so I had to "cheat" or improvise on 2 blocks by using a plain blue square of fabric in the center so I would have an even twelve 10" blocks. I think they're cute and I love the many patterns log cabin blocks can make. These are not quilt-quality fabrics, but they'll have to do. I'm a bit worried about the red fabric running in the wash someday. I might presoak the blocks in vinegar to set the colors.

Happy creating!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Three Dimensional Art Quilts

I enjoy looking at quilt magazines. I purchase older issues (from the year 2000 and above, because they're cheaper!) when I can find them. I especially enjoy the Quilting Arts Magazine.

In the December 2013/January 2014 issue, I found "fabric houses with an art-quilt flare" by Jacqueline deRuyter that I knew I'd enjoy making sometime in the future. For the last two weeks, I've been making progress:
I like the little random thread ends "flying" at the peak of the roofs.
Whimsical and perfect for winter

These are constructed with layers of fabric scraps that I've been saving, including ones that measure barely an 1/8"! They are placed on a panel of firm stabilizer (I used Peltex 71X by Pellon) and quitled well with an Aurofil cotton thread. I used Rit dye for the first 2 darker houses per her suggestion. I suppose this causes the melange of fabrics to share an overall color theme. I decided to skip the dying process on the next 2 houses, and changed the dimensions slightly on another to make it shorter and a bit wider. Once they were decorated with more bits of fabric scraps, beads, buttons and ribbons, I sewed their sides together and stuffed them with polyester, sewing the closing flap at the bottom with hand embroidery. As you can imagine, these can be further embellished in more or other ways: paints, stencils, inks, stamps, threads, yarn, etc.

Each measures about 2.5-3" wide, about 8-10" tall,.

They're fun! I hope to keep adding to this village and make them one feature at the Holiday Art Faire in December (see my previous post on November 14).

I'm also quilting and binding more table runners and trying to decide what to do with some blocks that haven't been assigned to anything yet. I may also complete a handbag or two before Dec. 5.


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I only had time to complete these 4 housese shown before the Faire. I am thrilled that all 4 sold! I look forward to making more cuz I JUST LIKE THEM :) All 5 of my market bags sold, as well as some of my homespun tree ornaments. Holiday themed coasters were winners. A woman purchased my County Fair 1st place winning table runner and told me it would immediately replace the Christmas runner on her table at home. Several other items sold as well. I am glad some of my creations found new homes.