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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Tribute to Paris

I was inspired by the photographs of the Eiffel Tower after the terrorist attacks on November 13. On one side, I thread painted the Tower on a background of red, white and blue, on a neutral white and gray background fabric, which I then attached to blue and white fabric featuring French script. I felt the tippy-top of the Tower needed "bling", so I added a large red translucent button.

On the other side, I made a machine-embroidered applique of a dove of peace, set this on a blue and green fabric, and used this rectangle to make a pocket. 

I made a lining of gray and white fabric with two pockets. The entire bag is lined with an interfacing to give it shape, and the bottom two corners are boxed. I used a zipper closure at the top and attached a poly-web strap to complete a handbag of my own design. I used "scraps" and fat quarters of fabrics from my stash, including the button! I only had to buy the strap. It measures 9" x 11".

I am sorry that these attacks are happening all around the world. I pray for peace and personally work toward international and intercultural understanding in the belief that when we come to know one another as people, we will be less likely to use violence against one another's countries. May it be so.

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  1. Great bag Julie. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap! I too wish for peace and the end to such tragic events.