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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Announcement: I'm Published!

I've been writing for a L-O-N-G time: letters, journals, diaries, poetry and more. Even as a child, I had a spark inside that I hoped would ignite someday. I loved the tactile experience of writing with assorted pens and pencils on assorted types of paper. I worked over emotions and experiences on paper. In the past six years, I decided to become more serious about writing fiction and non-fiction and invested in the art (like I have with sewing and quilting). I took classes and am a member of a local writing group for the sake of critique, inspiration and accountability. My ear has become more keen to the stories that are happening around us, whether something overheard or a conversation in which we are personally engaged. The bottom line is: there's so many stories to tell!!

I'm very pleased to announce that my dreams have come true!

My first published fiction short story, "The Menace", now appears in the following anthology available for purchase as an eBook or paperback from

Let me know if you purchase the book. Share it with your friends and family.
As an author, I want to know what you think.

"This is a unique collection of stories about loss: loss of life, loss of friends, loss of family, and even loss of mind. If you've read any of these stories already, you'll know they come in all colors, from the highly invigorating to the completely morbid. They'll make you laugh and (most likely) make you cry." (from

24 Authors, 24 Stories...

The Authors

Almari Randall
Eileen Herbert-Goodall
Patsy Collins
Geni J. White
Josh Schwartzkopf
L. S. Hicks
Julia Proud
Justin Kern
Jill Hand
Stephanie Buosi
Cathleen Townsend
M T Ingoldby
Manuel Royal
Joanie Chevalier
Julie Alexander Johnson
Donna Migliaccio
Emmanuel Okom
Benjamin Logan Miller
Adam Baxter
David R. Grigg
Molly Thynes
Samantha Morales
Scott Richie
EN Heim

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