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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

iPad Bag Made & Delivered!

iPad Bag

In a previous post (January 19, 2014) I featured some shoulder sling bags that I'd made with Pattern #1201 "Flip Flap Bag" by Whistlepig Creek Productions. I showed a friend the bag, and he immediately said, "An iPad bag!! That's exactly what I need! Would you make me one?" Who was I to refuse a man with a great idea?!
"Flip Flap" Sling Shoulder Bag
Under the two top flaps are hidden pockets.
Lifting the top curved flap reveals the first hidden pocket.
Both hidden pockets accommodate smart phones easily.
When the phone is inside the pocket, it doesn't show,
while the pocket is shallow enough to allow easy access.

He picked out fabrics from my stash, favoring colors like blacks and grays. The bag calls for 4 different fabrics, and while it states that it's "Fat Quarter Friendly", I beg to differ. I highly recommend that when a pattern claims this, don't believe it! You'll need just a bit more, you can bank on it. Many fat quarters include the selvage, which subtracts from some of the precious inches needed for the project. Then I found the instructions are brief and confusing, and I'm not new to sewing!!

But I digress....   
Lift up the second triangular flap & find another nice hidden pocket for a cell phone or such. This pocket shares the hidden feature and easy access depth of the first pocket.

I finally finished his bag! In spite of my qualms with the aforementioned inadequacies of the pattern, I really like this design. It's fun to put together (once you understand it!), and the design works well. It features 2 hidden pockets, which perfectly accommodate Smart Phones and other items, like a wallet. The main bag generously accepts an iPad or similar tablet/notebook with room to spare. There's 2 more pockets inside the main bag as well as room for other items, such as notebooks, books, wallet, etc. Before adding these gizmos, the bag itself is very light. The wearer decides how much weight to carry! I love the shoulder sling strap which is adjustable: knot it as a fashion statement and/or to shorten its length whenever needed.  
Proudly modeling the main bag area that holds the iPad.
Note the "Domo" character decorating the back of his iPad,
matching his stuffed toy.

For his bag, I chose not to add decorative top-stitching or add a button as an ornament (the bag needs no closure) as I had done on my previous bags, which were for my personal use. "Closing" the bag is simple: flip the cover over. You can mix and match fabrics that fit your mood. I suggest making several, for all occasions. Why stop at one?? I estimate that it takes at least half a day for total assembly, but plan longer for the first time you make it.
Interior pockets in the body of the bag (he chose the colors!).
Modeling the bag: lightweight & secure.
The long strap allows it to be slung over the shoulder
so that one's arm covers the top of the entire bag
when the arm is at one's side.
Notice that  the iPad nor the cell phone can't be seen.

Quilt Label

I also machine embroidered another quilt label for my niece Aubrey. She asked for one with a larger font than the one I'd originally made the previous week.
Label measures 5" x 5" and includes a 1" border for attachment to quilt.

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  1. What a fabulous finish, Julie! Glad to see you made it through the pattern and got 'er done! Great job!

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I can't reply as you're a no-reply blogger. Lovely bag you've made