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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Carrots & More Quilt Labels

 Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilting Company 
is one of my favorite people online. 
Check out these cute spring carrots that I made over the weekend:

Close up of carrot on a cute chick tablerunner made by my sister, Diana, of
My dining table decorations.
If you'd like to make some simple carrots, too, here's the demo on YouTube: 
(I admit that I didn't use the wedge template. 
I made my own wedge from paper. I just estimated, & you can, too!)

My 20 year old niece, Aubrey, is taking after her mother: they're prolific quilt makers!! With collaboration through Google Hangouts, here's three labels I machine embroidered for her today, as well as one proposed and disposed (I saved it though for future use cuz it's so easy to modify!):

This was a fun one to make! I selected the musical staff and then stacked her name in a wavy style on top of it. Nice idea, huh?
I'm not an Oregon State Beavers fan (my alma mater's arch rival!), but Aubrey needed it for her father. Oh well!

Screen shot of proposed label
Aubrey chose this one instead.

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  1. You've been busy. Your niece is sure to like the labels. Has she got a destination for them?

    1. Hi Marly, I wish I had photos of all my niece's quilts that those labels will go on. Yes, they have destinations. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. You sure can find some fabulous tutorials on youtube!

  3. Those sure are some yummy looking carrots! What a fun and festive addition to the table. Your quilt labels are awesome, Julie. You have a real talent for them!

    1. Lorna, thanks for always stopping by link-ers like me, happy to have your feedback & encouragement.

  4. Awesome labels, Sis, especially the OREGON STATE BEAVERS one :)

    Man...that table runner is so...before I became a quilter! Cute fabric...that's about it :)

  5. the carrots are really cute!

    Stopping by from Lee's WIP hop