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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Quiet on blog, but productive

I came across a handbag pattern at Joann's by Whistlepig Creek Productions (what a name!) and bought it on a whim. I'm sure you've never experienced this: I'm disappointed by the inadequate and confusing instructions!!

I made this bag first:
Orange theme sling bag
Did someone really edit this pattern? Were they trying to conserve paper (there's a whole blank page they didn't use??)? I blame the inadequate instructions for the mistake I made in this first mock-up. Fortunately I know how to sew and could correct it (more like, cover it up)!!!

Sling strap and top flap

The pattern is: #1201 Flip Flap Bag, "fat quarter friendly" (unless your fat quarter includes selvages!!), "cross body bag with double secret pockets."

I like the secret pockets and the not-secret pocket in the main body of the bag. They recommend using fusible fleece for stabilizing, which I did. I like the weight of the sling strap that results.

They recommend using buttons on the flaps, so I used some special ones that I found in my stash. They look like masks from Africa.
Bag with buttons

The second time is the charm! Now that I KNOW how this bag is constructed, and I understand why I made the mistake I did, I modified and marked the instructions so I wouldn't have trouble the next time. I again pulled out a few fabrics from my stash and came up with this:
Brown and green sling bag
I used it this morning for church and shopping. Rather than put a permanent button on it, I decided to put a pin I had in my jewelry.
Sling bag with jewelry pin
Inside: Hidden pocket 1 constructed in middle flap

Inside: Hidden pocket 2 constructed in main bag body

Inside main bag body: Non-hidden pockets
Then I performed an impromptu "fashion show" on the men I live with: my husband, and our two male international students, one from Japan, the other from Saudi Arabia. The Saudi man immediately noticed that this is the exact bag he needs for his iPad!! He asked me if I'd make him one, and I said he'd have to be my "advertisement" at the University of Oregon campus (why not?). I pulled out still more fabrics from my stash, based on his color preferences, and now I've got a new sling bag to produce. :) Happy sewing!

Ok, I've decided that the fusible fleece is too wimpy. I'll be making my next bag with a more rigid stabilizer so that it doesn't become all floppy once I have things in the bag.


  1. Looks great~thanks for sharing :)

  2. Nice! I've had this pattern for a while and just pulled it out for a snowstorm project. I'm very new to sewing so would like to know what modifications you made to the instructions. I'd like to use it for a ipad mini bag.