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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Handbag from sister's leftovers on New Year's Day

Happy new year!! I'm already stitching, how about you?

My sister made a handbag for her sister-in-law last year out of some cute fabrics: a cute sushi theme and a floral. She cast off the scraps that she had pre-stitched to batting, but I couldn't let them go into the garbage. They were too cute and still had some possibilities! Do you ever do that?

Before Christmas, I took my machine, my precious Pfaff, to be serviced after it's almost 1 year of use. I want to treat it well! After that stop, we continued north to Seattle to be with our children. On the way back, I stopped in to my sister's home again to borrow her older machine, which is way better than MY old 1973 machine (as mine is in the servicing queue still at the shop). It's fancier than my old one and chugs along real well.

I can't go too long without using my creative space. I'd done some creative writing over the past few days, and now I wanted something simple to stitch, so I pulled out those beloved leftovers. I began constructing the fabric from the scraps by putting the pieces together in a quilty way. I made good progress, but then the bobbin needed to be wound, and I walked away for a few days. Yesterday I walked back into my "studio" (a former master bedroom graciously given over by my husband, who was using it as an office) to cleaning up from Christmas wrap and put away stabilizers. Of course the leftovers project was beckoning me, but I had too much to do. Today, I stepped in, looked at the lovelies, and couldn't help myself! Here's what I've got so far:
Sushi Handbag Front
Sushi Handbag Sides: I added the black and white "I Am Ninja" fabric by Robt. Kaufman as I ran out of those lovely leftovers. I boxed the bottom corners to give it some width.

Sushi Handbag Back
I plan to use the "Ninja" fabrics for the lining, maybe a pocket of two, and a flap. I will cut the flap edge on a diagonal to give it some pizzazz. I want to make a long thin strap, maybe using cord, so I can wear it over my shoulder and across my chest, perhaps. I probably won't finish it today, but I'm real happy with my progress!

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