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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Why "Running Hen?"

Why “running hen?” Why do hens run? 

They run when they don’t want to miss out on something.

Living with my hens, I know what they’re after: FOOD! I know why they run to me: FOOD! I know why they fly across the yard to catch up with one of the other hens: FOOD! It’s quite simple really. I'd like to think they love me, but I'm on to them ;-)

Let me introduce you to my beautiful “girls” (affectionately known as “Chick-Girls”). 

This is "Skitters." Her name reflects her personality. If you try to get near her, she "skitters" away. Not an easy hen to catch! She has beautiful feathers. Truly she's a grand lady.

This is "Apricot." She was named by our daughter due to her coloring. She is the sweetheart of the little flock. She's a gentle friend to everybody. If you're lonely, outcast or picked on (by Skitters!!), she'll come alongside you. She'll act as the bridge and go-between for the two other hens who sometimes have trouble getting along. A docile little lady!

This is "Dickens." Can you guess how she achieved that name? She's the youngest of the flock and takes after her "mom", Skitters. Good luck trying to catch her!! Sometimes we find her over the fence in the neighbor's yard wondering how to get back. 

This is "Rosie the Riveter", riveting for her beauty. She was the queen of the flock, until she died :(  It's sad to lose great hens, and she was a great one!

What do hens have to do with creativity?

Glad you asked! They create eggs almost every day. They also create joy, interest, calm, and help to fertilize and clean up the bugs in the garden. Each has their own unique personality, and each knows its place in the pecking order. They're part of what inspires me!

I create with fabric, needles, thread, yarn, machine, buttons, trim, embroidery, and more. Be like the girls I've introduced you to and "don't miss out on something!"

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