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Thursday, October 24, 2013

First Foray into Longarm Machine Quilting

 My sister (, niece and I decided to take the "plunge" and try our hands at longarm quilting our finished quilts. We made it "family day" at a quilt shop that rented time on their machines to learn how to do it. I pieced this sweet simple 4-patch quilt & used it for my first attempt--it went pretty well! Not perfect, but satisfying. Now my daughter uses it to keep warm :)

L to R: Julie, Aubrey, Diana
Here we are having a "family quilting retreat" in my upstairs room. We had a wonderful time and this was the weekend my niece, Aubrey, became hooked to quilting at age 16! Now she seems to get more done than my sister and I, ha! ha! Notice the hard-working dog that my sister brought along. If only he'd learn how to hand-stitch the binding instead of napping ;-)

L to R: Aubrey & quilt, me my quilt, Diana & quilt
I hope you can pass along your love of stitching, too!

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  1. We had such a good time! We certainly kept Capri (trainer) entertained! Thanks for the memory!