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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Committed Hexagons

I thought you might enjoy seeing how I've used 6 of the hexies I recently created.

Christmas Coasters

Coaster Backs
I thought they needed to be dressed up, so I made this "bowl" or "pouch holder" thing.
They fit just right when stacked on top of one another. 
Perfect presentation for the holidays.

Now go have that luscious cup of tea or coffee :)

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hexie Crazed? Hexie Nuts? Hexie, why??

Have I been hex-ed??

There are times when I just like to sit and sew by hand. Sometimes I’m tired of sitting at the machine, computer or table. Even if I “relax” by watching a program on TV or a movie, I feel like I’m doing nothing. So I placate that drive to be productive by hand sewing. I think I actually get more out of the sewing than I do out of watching the program. (So why did I "watch" it??)

 In July I received a “freebie” at the Sisters (Oregon) Quilt Show: 1” hexagon papers for English paper piecing and precut sample fabrics (2” x 2” squares). I read the instructions to make my first flower:

I love chickens…how did they know that?? Had they read my blog?? I wish I had cut the fabrics myself so that I could have centered the chicken heads in each piece.

Since this beginning foray into the Hexie-World, I’ve been adding to my collection using scraps left over from other projects. I also bought a new packet of 1.75” hexie papers. What will become of them???

  • Use them singly or in combination with other flowers or other hexie shapes.
  • Applique onto other items, such as quilts, handbags, pillows, etc.  
  • Dare to cut one in half for another effect.

       They can be scrappy like I’ve made these, or planned out for specific effects and designs… “sew” many possibilities.

I enjoyed watching techniques for making hexies, including Sue Daley of BusyFingers. I guess these can be addicting!


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